2010 SFFH Novels to Check Out

Some interesting titles released this year, with pretty cool covers no less:

1) Liz Williams – The Shadow Pavillion – #4 in the bestselling Snake Agent series – Contemporary Fantasy – In near future Asia, paranormal cop Inspector Chen has to find his demon partner Zhu Irzh, searching through both Hell and India, while a demon lord seeks to take them both out. (This is one of my favorite series at the moment.)

2) Connie Willis – Blackout – Bestselling SF – Willis is an accomplished writer whose work I do like and who does time travel with brilliance. This book is the first in a duology, involving time travel scientists and World War II.

3) Graham Joyce – How to Make Friends with Demons – Joyce is a bestselling, quirky, iconic writer and this time out, he tells the dark, satirical fantasy tale of a hapless, loser government bureaucrat whose mystic past forces him to find a way to make friends with demons before his future completely falls apart.

4) Fiona McIntosh – Tyrant’s Blood – #2 in the Valisar Trilogy — Alternate World Fantasy —  McIntosh has made a splash in epic fantasy and this story concerns a  surviving prince who must find a way to avenge the slaughter of the royal family.

5) Elizabeth Bear – Chill – Best-selling  SF – Bear gives her unique spin on things in this story of a generational spaceship suffering from outside damage and inside rivalries that is fighting for survival.


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