2010 SFFH Novels to Check Out

More titles this year to check out:

1) Robert V.S. Redick – The Ruling Sea – The next in the nautical alternate world series that started with The Red Wolf Conspiracy.

2) Allison Brennan – Original Sin – Best-selling contemporary fantasy/horror that goes the biblical route in a story of a woman searching for her sorceress mother, and the release of the seven deadly sins.

3) Patrick Lee – The Breach – Best-selling SF thriller – A former cop with a troubled past stumbles into government disaster involving terrorists and alien technology.

4) Ari Marmell – The Conqueror’s Shadow – A dark alternate world fantasy about a bloody warrior who cut a swath of terror in the name of justice who has to leave his peaceful hiding place and face his past to save his family.

5) Mario Acevedo – Werewolf Smackdown – Felix Gomez series – Best-selling satirical contemporary fantasy — Vampire hunter Felix has to deal with a cabal of werewolves.


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