Interesting Writings for the Weekend

J.K. Rowling doesn’t come out of her burrow and check her shadow very often — she doesn’t have to — but recently she did to complain about Tory policies in Britain against single moms and the poor in the Times. The richest woman in England explains why becoming so did not make her automatically a conservative after her past experiences as a struggling single mom, and adroitly spears the lies that get made so often against the poor and lower income families. J.K. Rowling

PersonaNonData, a blog new to me — thanks Andrew Wheeler — had a cogent comment on the developments of the e-book market.

I disagree on one point proposed — it’s not going to be the printed books that get loaded up with the extras, except in terms of whatever bundling they decide to do (T-shirts are not going to work.) It will be the e-books that get loaded up with special content as a package — video interviews with the author, book trailers (although I was kind of hoping those would die since most of them are awful,) featurettes of various kinds. And the likelihood is that publishers will be farming that 0ut to production companies supervised by new personnel the publishers have for their e-book divisions. But all that, again, is 5-10 years in the making.


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