Nicholas, Here’s Hoping

Nicholas Brendon served me well as an actor for seven seasons as Xander Harris on the t.v. show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, doing it all with that character from deep drama to whacky comedy, including with his twin brother, Kelly. And in anything else I’ve seen him in — he also starred in the shows Kitchen Confidential and Criminal Minds — he has been dynamic and smart, an actor with a way with a line.  In 2004, he went into rehab for alcoholism and recently, he fell off the wagon and while drunk, swung at a cop, possibly caused some property damage and got himself tasered.

I’ve lost and nearly lost relatives to this very nasty disease. The only ones who make it are those who don’t give up trying to beat it, even though there will inevitably be times — in this case, dramatic times — when they fail. It changes who you are into someone you don’t want to be. So Nicholas, I hope you get better, stay sober, deal with the consequences of what happened, and, very selfishly on my part, get to show us more of what you can do as an actor and producer. We are rooting for you, not because you are Xander, but because you breathed life into that character and made us your fans. I hope you win.



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