2010 SFFH Novels to Check Out

1) Kim Harrison – Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan series)  – Contemporary fantasy — Bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan has to hunt down a witch for her enemies to save her own skin.

2) Alexey Pehov – Shadow Prowler, translated by Andrew Bromfield – A Russian alt world fantasy about a thief who becomes entangled in saving his kingdom from dark forces.

3) Joe Hill – Horns – Bestselling horror author tells the tale of a man, suspected of killing his dearest love, who finds himself turning into a devil and plans to use his powers to find the real killer.

4) Ian Douglas – Earth Strike: Star Carrier – military SF – Alien forces attempt to keep humans from becoming a major power.

5) Susan Beth Pfeffer – This World We Live In – YA SF — The main characters of the previous books in the series — Life as We Knew It, and The Dead and the Gone — come together in the after years of a global disaster caused by the moon’s changed orbit.


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