A Faithful Machine

Yesterday, we had a sad occurrence. Our HP laser printer, which has served us for nearly twenty years, developed a mechanical problem loading the paper into the printer.  Getting someone just to look at it will cost a wad of money and it’s likely that they can’t fix something this old anyway, so unless it miraculously heals itself, we will finally have to send the old gal to the great recycler in the sky. This printer has been with us longer than our marriage. In its later years, it developed a squeaking noise as it printed, but it still put out quality print at a rapid clip. We managed to keep finding the big dry ink cartridges for it that just slide right in and out. It was really good at printing envelopes and labels. It is the best machine I have ever owned. It has outlasted most of the computers and monitors we’ve had working with it, from the early dinosaurs with itsy tinsy harddrives that seemed so large back then to wireless laptops. It is a grand testiment to engineering in a time of floating garbage islands of throwaway plastics and electronics. I will miss the stupid thing.



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7 responses to “A Faithful Machine

  1. I still have an old HP laser printer, the consumer model that basically had the guts of the old giant HP 3 office model. It’s slow as molasses, and every time it runs the lights dim, but it’s still running. Those things were built like tanks…

  2. Interestingly, the Snap hover over my name brings up an image of my old website, which has been gone now for nearly a year… So the Snap function does not go out and dynamically pull in the current view of a site, but must be relying on stored images. One wonders if and when they ever update those images…

  3. We nearly held a memorial service. I’m still hoping it will somehow fix itself, since it’s just a rotary piece. What was also cool about it is that the dry ink cartridges would last for ages. Whereas the other main printer in our house (the one that does copying and such,) goes through ink packs like a Tasmanian Devil.

    Got no idea how to fix the Snap bit, but I can ask. Your current blog is what’s in the Blog Roll.

  4. Oh, that’s most interesting. I suppose it makes some sense, since the old site didn’t have a blog page, so the only image they could have would be from the new site. But any pages that have the same file name as the old site (like the main page) must be stuck with the original image. There are sites that change a lot more than mine; you’d think they’d do some sort of periodic update. Maybe I’ll shoot ’em an email and ask.

  5. Okay, I found a place on their site where you could request that they update their preview for a particular URL. I did so; they said it may take awhile. We’ll come back and check using your site from time to time and see how long it takes!

  6. Didn’t take long at all, it’s already done, lol!

  7. I like reliability, and HP has been a good company in that regard. So far, WordPress is also proving very reliable.

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