Interesting Writings for a Tuesday

Tor Books is about to celebrate their 30th anniversary and to commemorate it,, their online mag, is asking employees for favorite memories of the company (which also involves a bit about Baen Books too.) The memories are fun, but they also serve to highlight what has always been an interesting fact in fiction publishing — the average book editor changes jobs/companies every 2-4 years. But in the SFF imprints and presses, while many people do stay awhile and then leave, it’s not unusual to find editors and publishers and staff who have been working in SFF for thirty, twenty years, sometimes more. SFF people tend to stay SFF people. They like it and they liked it long before fantasy became the It Girl of fiction publishing. (Although technically suspense is really still the It Girl.) So it’s great to hear these old stories, and the stuff about paper and books everywhere on every inch of space? That’s book publishing, and I agree that it probably won’t change for a long while, even with e-books.

Author and editor S.M. Duke has done an interesting blog entry about SFF in airports. It’s interesting for three reaasons: 1) the anecdotal but certainly accurate note that SFF has become more prominent at airport bookstores; 2) that there are more bookstores in the airports, not less; and 3) that non-bookstores are selling books. I did a blog entry on how I discovered a major up at the counter book and book tie-in display of mostly fiction and some non-fiction at a major music chain store. Now Duke is talking about an electronics store — which I’ve long said is where publishers need to be also selling  SFF if they can.  So there is clearly some kind of major effort going on here to get books into these stores with special displays, which is exactly what needs to be going on, at least for the next few years, so that’s all good news. And you can check out Mr. Duke’s blog as well. S.M. Duke



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2 responses to “Interesting Writings for a Tuesday

  1. Hereford Eye

    You might add Jill Scott to your lsit of substantial females working against the mould. Her performance as Precious in HBO’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Dewtective Agency has been superb and award-worthy.

  2. She was brilliant, wasn’t she? Actually, that whole cast was amazing — Anika Noni Rose, who was also great in Dreamworks, a completely different role; Lucian Msamati; and Desmond Dube. And Scott’s an accomplished songwriter too. I’m hoping they are going to do a second season of the show, but haven’t heard any news about it.

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