Movie Trailers — They’re Like Popcorn!

Okay, so the guy in Beastly isn’t really Beast enough at all for this re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. He looks like the lead singer in a punk shredder band. Where is the limp, the elephant man tumors, the true disfigurement? But they get points for playing and having a really nice cast, including Neil Patrick Harris. And seeing Mary Kate Olsen as a Goth actual witch is just somewhat brilliant. Anyway, it looks fun:

And this one, Get Low, well yes, it’s corn pone, but Bill Murray is there to keep things subversive. Plus, I like corn pone. I like sentimental village movies. Especially when they are funny, as this one seems to be. I like Duvall when he’s funny.

*Ha, fixed the problem! I’m slow but I’m steady.



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2 responses to “Movie Trailers — They’re Like Popcorn!

  1. -I’m curious if this movie stirred up trouble with any Asian anti-defamation league. Because it’s certainly no Joy Luck Club when it comes to honest portrayals of Chinese people. I have to say, a little part of me dies every time I see an Asian person ordering a Chinese Chicken Salad (putting mandarin oranges on something doesn’t automatically make it Chinese. I’m more Chinese than a Chinese Chicken Salad and I’m Irish). http://www.ขายเกม Seeing James Hong, an actual Chinese-American actor, do an overly stereotypical Chinese accent as the villain was even more embarrassing than the salad dilemma.

  2. I think you’re confusing Beastly with the older thriller movie The Beast, manunited. James Hong isn’t in Beastly. Haven’t seen The Beast, but I am a big James Hong fan.

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