Coda to Aliens in Pretty Dresses, Part 2

If you’re on the North American continent, Saturday Night Live has as host this week actress Gabourey Sidibe, with musical guest MGMT. Her television show, The Big C, with Laura Linney and Oliver Platt will debut on Showtime Cable in August. And Betty White is hosting SNL May 8th as well. SNL has been ranging from moments of inspired brilliance to mediocre to were the writers drunk when they wrote this that they somehow thought it was funny levels, so it will be kind of interesting to see what they do with these two hosts.


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2 responses to “Coda to Aliens in Pretty Dresses, Part 2

  1. Thought you might be interested in this line from Daddy Darth’s short story entry over at sffworld.
    “She was 97 but did not look a day over 40.”
    Doesn’t that fit in?

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