Arizona, Were You High?

I’m not going to be doing a lot of politics on this blog and I’m not having comments on this entry, but when legislators in something the size of a state in the U.S. make a dictatorship move this big in scope, it calls for some comment. White, Republican, conservative legislators who rammed this through, this new law is not going to do the following:

1) Reduce the political and economic power of the Latin-American voters who make up a third of your electorate through Jim Crow style intimidation of forced police harassment, and the threat of arrest and fines for not having I.D. on you or for your white neighbors deciding you’re running a drop house.  Latin-American citizens are not going away and Arizona has already crossed the tipping point for losing their white majority in the next decades, despite the stream of white retirees.

2) Force the Arizona police divisions who did not agree with the views of the Sheriff of Nottingham to cooperate on threat of lawsuits. Instead, this will cause more in-fighting among Arizona law enforcement, and a nightmare on working with Federal authorities, whose job it is to deal with the whole border.

3) Put the squash on illegal immigrants becoming legal ones and legal immigrants becoming American citizens, along with their children, and thus increasing the size of the Latin-American voter block. Nor will it get the kids of illegal immigrants out of your schools or slow down people coming across the border illegally. Because as nasty as you are, you’re still not as nasty as the situation in other countries these people are fleeing from.

4) Reduce violent crime and the drug trade in Arizona. Because the illegals are in the majority not involved in the drug trade and the drug cartels don’t care what you do to them. The statistics you are using to freak out whites on the correlation between illegals and crime and how much of the drug trade is going through Arizona you made up out of your asses and they have already been debunked by the DEA and the FBI.

5) Bring out the racist white conservative voters that might get you re-elected. Yes, they may turn out for the 2010 elections since they don’t like being called names, but that’s not going to last, and the turn-out is probably going to be working against you as you have raucous divisions among your remaining electoral group in primary challenges, and this may cause you to end up ceding key seats including the governorship to the Democrats even if you make short-term gains.

What the law will do:

1) Not only lose you the Latin-American vote in Arizona, but mobilize them across the country, including other demographically shifting states like Texas, whose conservative legislators are apparently snorting the same cocaine to think a similar law is a great idea. Latin-Americans skew conservative (and Catholic,) but after years of driving them away, including pulling the plug on immigration reform in 2007, this might have just been the final nail condemning Republicans to a minority party for the next half a century.

2) Cause a lot of complications for your wealthy white citizens who supported the law but hire illegal immigrant labor.

3) Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits.

4) Send your economy into the toilet to an extent that will make the damage from the boycott over the Arizona governor’s racist refusal of the federal Martin Luther King Jr. holiday look like a 4th of July picnic. At a time when your economy is already in the toilet and desperately relies on tourism.

5) Quite possibly ensure that President Obama is re-elected in 2012.

6) Cause me for the foreseeable future to refer to the Senator as John Weasel-Boy McCain.

And if you happen to have Latin-American grandkids or friends, that just makes it even worse. The lack of thought, the blatant racism, the fear-mongering lies, the total disregard for the Constitution, and the complete uselessness of this law on every issue  is so astonishing that liberal use of narcotics causing you to believe it’s still 1964 seems like the only logical explanation. Even the ever-green argument that you’re sending a message to the Feds makes no sense. What message? We want to destroy ourselves some more? Well, congrats, you did that. Way to serve the people.


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