Charlie Explains Some More Things

I linked earlier to Charles Stross’ excellent blog series touring fiction publishing, but his latest entry deserves another mention. Stross tackles the personal life and income of a writer in this one, and his figures for Britain? Cut that in half for the U.S., plus, as he says, lose the health insurance.  Like many successful writers, Stross has run into a lot of people who have the Hollywood view of what he does and how he lives. (This same Hollywood view permeates the discussions of e-book issues.) You run into this a lot from aspiring writers who want to know “how much does the average fiction writer make?” so they can start planning.  Realistically,  the average fiction writer makes nothing. If you’re lucky, you might make really good poker night money. If you’re very lucky, you make a small income from it. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll make a living out of it. But the odds are decidedly against you. That’s okay, because the money lure is not why most people are obsessed with writing fiction. Stross lays it out with his customary style, which is pretty impressive, considering that only recently he was trapped in Tokyo due to the volcanic ash cloud (still an excellent name for a rock band,) and just got home. Go check it out:

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