2010 SFF Novels to Check Out

1) Katharine Beutner – Alcestis – Historical fantasy tackling the Ancient Greek myth of Alcestis, who took her husband’s place in the underworld.

2) Stephen Deas – The Adamantine Palace – Alternate world fantasy in which dragons are controlled by alchemists, despite their danger to the world.

3) Teri Hall – The Line – YA SF – In the near future, after nuclear destruction, people live behind the Line to separate them from the Others who exist in the fall-out zone.

4) Kaaron Warren – Walking the Tree – Alternate world fantasy – A young woman must walk the tree at the center of their island world, but her journey will be different from those who have gone before.

5) David Louis Edelman – Geosynchron – The third novel in the cyberpunk SF Jump 225 series – Civil war breaks out as the Multireal technology goes offline, but a new strain may save the world or break it by allowing users to exist in multiple timelines.

6) Lauren Beukes – Zoo City – Near future fantasy – A woman adept at finding things and her animal familiar must find the truth to save herself.


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