Stross and E-books (No, not a legal firm)

I fear I’m beginning to sound like one of Charlie Stross’ publicists (of course, there are worse things,) but the guy is so cursed smart and his tour of publishing series has wandered back to e-books, with many interesting points:

This quote particularly:

(On the other hand, if the 50% compound growth per annum is sustained, they’re going to be a major piece of the picture in five to ten years’ time.)

The italics are mine, because this is the time estimate I’ve been giving for the last several months for the development of the e-book market. This seems very long to Web denizens when things like Facebook seemed to appear out of nowhere, but it’s based on the realities of the publishing industry having to interact with the electronics industry and the difficult rights and payment issues between authors and the publishers who license their property that have to be worked out, among other things. Realistically, to build the infrastructure needed to sustain a workable and growing e-book market for the regular consumer population, five to ten years is about right.


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