Yeah, Okay, But They are Really Good!

I’m torn between thinking this is the coolest performance I’ve seen in some time or the scariest. I think I’ll go with scary for the costume choice — seriously, why not just the black leotards? — but coolest for the sheer confidence and dance skills of these girls who are probably going to take over the world when they are older.



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2 responses to “Yeah, Okay, But They are Really Good!

  1. I share the sentiment. The skill shown here is amazing for girls that young, particularly for such a long routine. On the other hand, talk about moving the sex appeal pretty steeply down the age ladder! The costume choice certainly enhances that overt sex appeal thing, but it’s the dance moves themselves that really emphasize that, so I’m not sure the overall effect would be any less were the costumes different. So while I applaud the obvious skill level and talent, and the dedication of these girls to achieve this, I’m think I’m going with scary. I like a sexy dance as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I like it so much from grade school kids…

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