I Know There’s an Outlet Somewhere

An aglomerate news piece had the headline: Half the World is Planning On Buying an E-Reader, According to Survey. This amused me because half the world doesn’t have electricity.

Basically, it was a business survey of 14 well-off industrialized countries (I’m guessing Greece and Iceland were not on the list,) where they asked them things like, would you like to buy a shiny e-reader? Would you like it to have lots of features and be able to do lots of stuff with apps and content that you could get from lots of places? Would you like all of this to be very cheap? You would? What important business information!

You know what else I want, oh great marketing gurus? A pony.



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4 responses to “I Know There’s an Outlet Somewhere

  1. I have some two hundred books in my library. Will these wondrous new beasties acknowledge books I already own so that I can carry my library around with me?
    We know that the answer to that one is they won’t do ponies.

  2. Well you can scan the books into a computer file and then load the file onto your e-reader, so yes.

  3. Average page count per book: 250 pages
    Number of books: @200
    50K pages to scan
    1 minute per scan
    50k minutes
    833 hours
    @ 8hrs/day
    3 months labor without doing anything else.
    I’d rather have a pony.

    • Hey, no one promised you it’s easy. πŸ™‚ Or you can keep your print books, buy the e-books of your favorites, and buy new e-books. I’ve got at least 400 books and I’m not copying them to an e-reader. And when we lose electricity too, you’ll still have your print books to read by candlelight.

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