What Does This Say About My Age?

I like Crotchety Old Fan in general and occassionally read his blog posts. When SFSignal mentioned he had one entitled “I Can Guess Your Age From the Books You Read,” (link below) I went in curiousity to check it out. But then I ran into a problem, because here’s how the test works:

“Ask someone to recommend the ten SF works that ‘ought to be on everyone’s bookshelf'”

My answer to this would be that I don’t think that everybody should have the same ten SF novels on their bookshelf (i.e. have read.) The idea of picking ten ultimate books to be required reading like a school assignment is in fact an anathema to my soul. And for SF in particular, I think this basic idea is behind a lot of the problems one encounters in SF fandom.

I’m guessing, however, that my response to that question, even if it is not workable for Fan’s formula, probably says something about how old I am. But I will tell you this, if I did have to pick out ten — like if it was that or I would be thrown to the sharks or something — as my very favorite examples of storytelling, they wouldn’t be mainly centered around when I was 16, or 12 for that matter. Nonetheless, go check it out and try the experiment. Fan has a graph and everything.



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