People Who Have Left Us

Dennis Hopper was brilliant. He was crazy. And he had a good sense of humor about it. A burst of kinetic energy has left the atmospher with his death:

Gary Coleman was also brilliant. And ill for his whole life. And troubled. I grew up with him and I admired his resiliency and his showmanship. Even in something as wonderfully cheesy as Buck Rogers when he was only a kid:


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  1. Michael Jackson was the same age as me – now there was one troubled individual… but as we start seeing our contemporaries pop off, it does help to remind us of our own mortality and what we have, or have not, done with what fate’s dealt us. I have to say, although I’d like to have done more, I’m reasonably happy with what I’ve managed to do. All in all I think I’ve been a net “plus” to life in general, in my own minuscule way.

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