John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton take on lupus

SFF author John Scalzi and writer/actor/icon  Wil Wheaton have a long and tangled history together and they’ve decided to put it to good use by conning an artist friend into creating a picture for a fanfiction contest. The winner gets published in a fanfiction anthology concerning the portrait that will also contain stories from Scalzi, Wheaton, Patrick Rothfuss and Catherine Valente from Subterranean Press, gets paid a more than decent fee and enters the annals of geek legend. And the proceeds of the anthology, etc., will go to the Lupus Alliance of America. No slash fiction is allowed in the contest.

You can find out details at Scalzi’s Whatever blog here:

And an amusing video of Scalzi and Wheaton unveiling the painting at Phoenix Comiccon this last weekend:

The portrait of Scalzi and Wheaton, done by artist to watch Jeff Zugale, is truly awesome:


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