Tell Her that You Love Her

We’ve been losing some terrific authors lately — Kage Baker, Jeanne Robinson — and now comes word that Diana Wynne Jones, who has been fighting lung cancer for awhile now, has reached the end of her medical treatments and is in hospice care for this last period of her remarkable life. Jones, well what can one say about Jones? She has been one of the major women writers who opened up the SFF field for women, she has been a major figure in British fantasy, and she’s had a big impact on both adult and particularly childrens/YA fantasy, from her infamous satire The Tough Guide to Fantasyland to her Chrestomanci series to works like Howl’s Moving Castle, which was recently made into an Academy Award nominated animated feature. She was given the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 20o7. Other SFFH writers gush about her. She is, in the parlance, a good egg.

If you’ve read her work and enjoyed it and would like to send kind words, a fan site is taking emails which they will print out and read to her:


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