Interesting Writings — I am Woman, So I Write

We’re being female-centered today. And yes, you will too find some of it interesting. Some of it is about writing. Much of it is funny. Some of it is scary:

1) First up, a succinct and clear history of anti-feminism feminism from Slate:

2) Next up, a really excellent essay by Maggie Stiefvater on gender stereotyping in novels and elsewhere, entitled: “And Now, I Scream, Because That’s What Girls Do”:

3) Then, we have a trio of blog essays that are related to Gene Wolfe’s blog post regarding authors and today’s social media platform issues  ( )

The first one is a “Manifesto” by YA author Maureen Johnson about branding. After reading it, I now have to read Maureen Johnson’s novels. (They are the sort of thing my daughter likes, so that will be easy.) And the essay is also an excellent look at why the word of mouth issue of fiction publishing and marketing is always going to be the main issue and why fiction readers are marketing resistant but love writing and jawing with each other and authors:

Two then very excellent follow-up essays to Johnson’s manifesto offer cogent analysis of authors on the Internet, forms of online marketing, and the issues of branding and social media for fiction.

4) Editor and author Alisa Krasnostein has a great essay on “The Invisibility of Women in Science Fiction,” related to the controversy over the Before They Were Giants anthology ( ) She hits exactly at the heart of the problem:

She also has a link to the periodic chart of women in SF, but here’s a link also (reading it seems to require printing it out at slightly magnified size):

Food for thought. If you don’t read anything else, go read Maureen Johnson’s essay. It will make you laugh.


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