New SFFH Novels to Check Out

1) Jonathan Barnes – The Domino Men — This new novel is a spin-off to Barnes’ best-selling Victorian historical fantasy, The Somnambulist. In it, Queen Victoria’s deal with a demon comes due and to thwart the destruction of London, the shadowy Directorate are going to have to deal with those schoolboy superpowered killers, the Domino Men. The Somnambulist was a nicely imagined thriller that got a little loose in the end but overall offered memorable characters and writing. My favorites probably were the Domino Men, so a novel dealing with them sounds pretty interesting.

2) Greg Egan – Zendegi – Australian SF writer Egan writes dense, complex stories with unnerving premises, which I don’t mind at all. I do sometimes though have problems getting into his characters, who seem a bit overwrought for my tastes. This new one, however, which deals with a journalist and a scientist involved with Iran and a virtual reality venture, sounds really fascinating. If anyone can do an accurate, plausible virtual reality story, it’s Egan.

3) Vicki Pettersson – Cheat the Grave (Sign of the Zodiac series)  — Anytime a contemporary fantasy thriller writer bubbles to the top these days, it’s worth noting. Pettersson has got herself on the New York Times bestseller list with this 5th book in her zodiac themed series, featuring Joanna Archer, a woman who has died, went to work for the army of the Light, and now is mortal again, and currently learning the truth of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if they were once an enemy. The first book in the series is The Scent of Shadows.

4) Sara Creasy – Song of Scarabaeus –Creasy has been making waves with comparisons made of her to everyone from Elizabeth Moon to Julie Czernada. In this new SF thriller, a terraformer is kidnapped by mercenaries and linked with another prisoner, The Transporter 3 style. Creasy gives that idea a new twist in how her main character attempts to escape on a dead planet.

5) Stacia Kane – Unholy Ghosts – I always enjoy post-apocalypse fantasy, and in this one, Kane creates a noir blend of ghosts, black magic and drugs in a near future gone horribly wrong, where the dead are a serious problem for the living.


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