Movie Trailers Found Accidentally

First up, a quite clearly very cheesy Kevin Kline movie, The Extra Man, but I like Kevin Kline and his character is driving a Buick Electra, which we used to have — a great car made out of solid steel:

Next, George Clooney is getting all serious as some sort of underworld spy/assassin/crook trying to leave the biz in The American:

Third, a totally unnecessary sequel to the Meet the Parents series — The Little Fockers. But hey, they’re adding people like Harvey Keitel:

Fourth, what happens when you stick Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker and John Malkovich in a spy action movie based on a DC Comics publication, Red? Master class scenery chewing with guns:

Then we get Rob Reiner being very mushy with a period piece about teenage romance, Flipped:

And finally, a new trailer for the last two Harry Potter movies. It shows far too much of the ending of the second part, but is very cool nonetheless:

We will forgive them for sticking the thing in 3-D. I will not be watching the 3-D version. I’m done with 3-D.


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