We will all become Google serfs!

I kid, I kid. Sort of. Still not happy about Google’s attempt to usurp authors’ rights on numerous books. But let’s face it, those conflicts are not going to keep Google from jumping into the pool on e-book sales, and there has been a good development there: Google has made a deal with the American Booksellers Association to sell non-device specific e-books through the Association’s independent bookstore members. Which means other big electronic, online provider companies will be doing the same. Spreading the love on e-book sales to the whole industry is only going to improve things, and makes it easier for Google and more companies to get interested in e-books if they can concentrate on production and wholeselling and leave the retail sales to the booksellers. Now if Google will stop trying to do it without making deals with authors and publishers and paying authors royalties for books under copyright, we’ll be in good shape. And this deal with the ABA members seems to indicate that they are heading toward that plan.

Here’s the NYTimes piece:



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