A lot seems to have gone on while I was away, but it seems best to start off with some videos. First off, the gang at Improv Everywhere went for a bit of nostalgia in the New York subway with their Star Wars Subway Car enactment:

The joyous looks on the train occupants’ faces as they snap away with their cellphones is almost as funny as the actors.

Next, more parody and a blow for women’s emancipation in Jane Austen’s Fight Club mash-up:

I actually suspect Austen would approve of this more than the zombies somehow.

And finally, another example of how to use the Internet successfully for advertising, this one from Hell’s Pizza in New Zealand (land of 40 million sheep.) It’s an interactive series of videos in which you get to participate in a zombie film. The actors in it are excellent and should immediately be given a t.v. series or something:


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