Well That Was Fast

In July, I gave a Mad Hatter Award Scone of illogic to actor Mark Ruffalo for an interview quote about his new movie, The Kids Are All Right:


The quote was:

“It wasn’t thought of in a boardroom or in a focus group before it was written. It wasn’t made to sell toys or videogames. A lot of movies are put together through marketing. That’s why there are so many s… movies out there.”

I explained why I thought this statement was wrong, stupid and a symbol of the kind of film marketing (shaming) that we really need to jettison. I ended that complaint with the statement:  “But when Ruffalo gets his own action figure for a film, I’m going to laugh.”

A few days later, I did an entry about how Edward Norton had been kicked out of his film role as Bruce Banner, the human who turns into the Hulk, for Marvel Pictures’ up-coming Avengers movie. Norton, who played the role in The Incredible Hulk, had himself replaced actor Eric Banna, who did the role in the first live action Hulk picture, The Hulk.

Little did I know how those two items were going to shortly converge. After many rumors, at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, the Avengers folk officially announced that Mark Ruffalo would be playing Bruce Banner in the big studio movie thought up in the boardroom to sell toys and videogames. I’m sure that no one is going to bother to ask Ruffalo, when he markets for Avengers, to explain why he is now in the sort of movie he called manure. They will probably, though, ask him how it feels to be in a big blockbuster superhero action picture after being more of an indie darling (though Ruffalo does big studio movies all the time.) Ruffalo will probably talk about the legacy of the Avengers, the quality of the movie and those involved in it, how Ed Norton, respected actor, did the role, how his kids wanted him to do it, and so on and such forth. Because it is his job, just as it was apparently his job to trash the Avengers while selling his family drama movie.

Am I going to see the Avengers movie? Absolutely. And I’m sure Ruffalo will be fabulous in it, the big hypocrite. And when his action figure comes out, I will indeed laugh.  Here’s Eric Bana’s action figure:

And Edward Norton’s action figure:

I’m sure that Ruffalo’s will be just as cute. Plus, there will maybe be a nice one for McDonald’s or Burger King. And they’ll probably have him provide the voice for the character in the Avengers videogame. Sweet!


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