SFF Novels to Check Out

Debra Doyle & James Macdonald — Lincoln’s Sword – In this alternative history fantasy set during the U.S. Civil War, the prophetic dreams of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln may save the Union. From the authors of  Land of Mist and Snow.

Jocelyn Drake – Pray For Dawn, Wait for Dusk – Books #4 and #5 of Drake’s increasingly popular vampire enforcer series.

C.L. Anderson – Bitter Angels – Anderson won the Phillip K. Dick Award for this well regarded tale of spies in space.

Carlos J. Cortes – The Prisoner – In a future, dystopian Earth, political prisoners escape into the sewers in this SF thriller.

Darryl Gregory – The Devil’s Alphabet – From the author of the acclaimed Pandemonium, another bizarre horror story about a strange disease that turned folk in a small town into three strange races except for one teen who returns to the town later in adulthood to figure out its mystery.

J.A. Pitts – Black Blade Blues – A lesbian blacksmith/movie props master fixes a possibly magic sword, deals with dragons and may have to save the world while her own world is falling apart. (Pitts, by the way, is a guy. Not that it should matter in 2010.)

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