Movie Trailers With Poignant Animation

First up, Sucker Punch, which is a Pan’s Labryinth sort of tale mixed with Girl Interrupted and Final Extinction:

Then, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga Hoole. I grew up with owls, thanks to my mother. I loved screetch owls, great horned owls you did not fool around with and barn owls were just, well, odd. This movie, based on the successful children’s book series,  is just visually beautiful, something we don’t always get with the comedy in animation today. And well, it has owls:

Next, the Pirates of the Carribean folk apparently had some extra time while doing the fourth movie, and so have prepared this ridiculous animated western for next year, featuring Johnny Depp’s voice natch, called Rango:

And finally, the Ice Age crew went with the parrots in Rio. Yes, it is cheesy. Yes, it is about as far from noir as you can ever get. And watching the hang glider take out the beach umbrellas made me laugh:

Also, my sister had a parrot. And I grew up with hawks too, so really, it all fits. But mostly, I’m just addicted to pretty colors, including the dark ones in Sucker Punch.


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