Advertiser To Whom I Give a Break

As has been previously discussed in my Puzzlement of Spam Advertising entries, I do not get Internet blog comments spam as an advertising strategy. It seems to me to be idiotic since it’s simply caught in spam filters and deleted, and the pretend comments they do are really idiotic. But when I got one from (or the spam advertiser they hired,) I got curious enough to myself click on their link when they were snagged into my spam filter. And the company, Little Fingy Puppets, is trying to do some good (or at least says they are.) They employ knitters to make finger puppets in the rural Andean mountains of South America so that those families can help their communities rather than move to the cities to look for work. And they give away (again, so they say,) a small percentage of the net value of their sales to charities in the U.K., such as Cancer Research UK and to efforts to help the communities of their knitters environmentally and in the U.K.

So again, I can’t vouch for this company’s track record or anything, but they seem to be a nice company, making cute toys and trying to do the sort of things I support. So while I will not put their idiotic, fake spam comment attached to an old post up, I will give them their very own blog entry with link:

So there you go. If you’re in the UK particularly, you can check it out. I can tell you that kids do love finger puppets. Also, they have finger puppet show videos on their site. Which is just weird enough to be charming.


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