Firefly Forever and at DragonCon 2010

At the Firefly panel at the recent 2010 DragonCon, a woman asking a question explained to the actors on the panel that “we follow you wherever you go,” which allowed for a hysterically funny response from the panel and from the woman trying to clarify that comment. Which is, of course, that we follow them professionally, try to catch them when they appear in another role. And the reason for that is that not only did these actors do a fine job on Firefly for its brief reign, but they do try really hard to entertain fans in front of and behind the cameras too. Witness this panel, which starts off with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk — who weren’t even attending — calling the other panelists with an elaborate play involving a borrowed car. Eventually, the panel turned off the phones — though they continued to milk the stunt for jokes — and continued to be funny with their answers to questions, their way of dealing with sound problems, and their banter with one another.

The panel video is in six parts. Fillion and Tudyk’s stunt is mainly in the first two parts of the panel:


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