Nicholas Got Back Up on the Horse

And speaking of Whedon actors, back in April of this year, I expressed a hope that Nicholas Brendon, beloved as Xander on the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who had gotten himself tasered and arrested by the L.A. cops while drunk out of his mind and looking for his dog, would get another chance, sober up and beat his addiction. (He had gone through recovery several years ago, but this was a relapse.)

Well, he’s working on it. He immediately went back into rehab and lived in a sober living house for awhile. He’s trying to get his finances in order. He got a plea deal on his charges with the cops, with a one year suspended sentence, community work, anger management training and three years probation. He has a recurring role on the t.v. series Criminal Minds. He has joined the long running Web series Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy, and it’s been announced that he will be doing a guest gig on the t.v. series Private Practice.  And he may be doing a revival of the play he starred in before, The Santaland Diaries. So he’s working, he’s trying to stay sober, and he’s thankful that he didn’t hurt anyone when he relapsed. There’s no way to guess the odds when it comes to addiction, but as I said before, Nicholas, I hope you win.

And really, that goes for Lindsey Lohan too. I watched her as a kid actor growing up into a teen and we always liked her in our household. And we cannot escape her, it seems, as the news media are fascinated with her every move, with the downfall of this once promising kid. But I wrote Robert Downey Jr. off and now he’s Iron Man. So I’ll send good will to Lohan too, as long as she stops driving vehicles. We lose too many talented performers to drugs, particularly in Lohan’s age range where they are worked to death to financially support their families and lose any reference frame for normal; let’s hope we have a few victories.

Here’s Nicholas saying hello to a very young fan a couple of months ago:

He’ll also be making an appearance at Wizard World Austin Comic Con November 12-14, and James Marsters will be there too.


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