OK Go and Friends Strike Again

As I’ve said before, I genuinely like OK Go’s songs, with their distinctive percussive pop sound and fun, often bittersweet lyrics. But there’s no question that the band’s music videos have become a class unto themselves. Low tech, uniquely whimsical, with dorky yet precise choreography, the videos do what music videos should do — express the spirit of the performers — and have it all over the bloated bling dance fests with bigger budgets.  Sometimes they apparently have so much fun that they make two videos for the same song. And it’s become something of a phenomena — people and high schools do affectionate cover performances of many of the videos and experts have supplied suggestions and skills for new ones. Such as very talented dog trainers. The video below is for the single White Knuckles off their CD this year Of the Blue Color of the Sky. And each week, I’ve decided I’m going to put up one of their videos, past and present. I hope they sweep the next MTV Video Awards too, and I don’t care what Kanye West says.

*Update: The video in some venues ends with the message to support animal rescue efforts of ASPCA. Most of the trained dogs are rescue dogs and a portion of the sales of the video will go to the APSCA for animal rescue.


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