The Return of Stick Aliens for Fall T.V.

I was more amused than freaked out at a promotional artistic photo of Mary-Louise Parker for her television show Weeds. Parker is nude (sort of) in the shot and draped with a big snake. The picture isn’t supposed to be realistic — witness the butt that looks like a store mannequin’s rather than a person’s and Parker placed in a romantic dream haze oblivious to her being in her mid-forties — but apparently the photo editor didn’t think voluptuous curves go with a Edenistic snake. Instead, they went for a stick alien look (without the pretty dress,) and not only nipped in Parker’s waist to Barbie-like proportions but check out her wrist and forearm. It’s spooky.

Of course, they aren’t counting on you to be looking at her wrist, nor can I say that Parker looks ugly exactly in the picture as a stick alien. But she would have looked just as sexy with the snake without the impossible waist or the frighteningly skinny wrist, so again, why do that? Is it just sloppy airbrushing technique? Did someone actually say, you know her wrist looks too fat, let’s just make it look like a bone there so her proportions seem all weird? Just the latest in my puzzlement over this strange advertising technique. I wonder if they’ve done marketing research studies that women respond well to anorexic features unevenly visited on the female body. Anyway, here’s the picture:


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