Movie Previews With No Discernible Common Theme Whatsoever

First off, Matt Damon goes Sixth Sense in the film Hereafter, in which he plays a reclusive psychic drawn into an unusual ghost situation:

Next, from Australia, a country with a solid fondness for making post-apocalyptic film and television, a movie based on John Marsden’s excellent YA science fiction series, Tomorrow, When the War Began:

Kevin Spacey gets his freak on in a dark comedy portrayal of Jack Abramoff, one of the most successful and corrupt lobbyists of all time:

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James ham it up in a comedy about a guy who discovers his best friend and business partner’s wife is cheating on him in The Dilemma:

Apparently, they decided to remake Wanted with Johnny Depp in The Tourist, a film about the usual — a guy gets involved with a mysterious beautiful woman, people shoot at him, he must unravel the mystery to survive, etc., but let’s face it, it’s just plain fun watching Angelina Jolie do this sort of thing:

The fantasy film Legion had a lot of problems, despite a great cast that did the best they could with the illogical material, so having the same crew get together to do the post-apocalypse film Priest, based on the graphic novel, does not entirely fill one with confidence. On the other hand, it’s Paul Bettany, it’s vampires and it’s a great Western rescue story, so when it comes out a few months from now, I’m going to be watching it:


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