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Humor for the Day

First up, courtesy of John Scalzi, a video of a cat with a printer that has been reinterpreted by a Brit:

Second, you’d think that they’d run out of funny Star Wars parodies, but no, here’s one more, courtesy of SFSignal, Ben Kenobi: Private Eye (which goes nicely with the Nickelback one I guess.)




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Some More Internet Advertising Done Right

It’s official — zombies are a fullproof advertising device. Not only do they work for pizza chains Down Under, but they’re useful for Sears as well:

And if you don’t want to use zombies, try using your product in interesting ways, as in this ad for the Bookman’s bookstore chain:

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Interesting Writings for a…man, it’s getting really chilly already!

First up, Matthew Cheney’s excellent post at Strange Horizons about the recent teen suicides and the issues of masculinity that lead to homophobia:

Second, an interesting pair of articles at on myths about males and females that turn out to be true or sort of true and others that are completely false:

Third, a good article from the New York Times on the fact that people in the U.S. got a massive tax cut and seem not to have noticed because the Obama administration did it sensibly instead of splashily and conservative propaganda has lied their asses off, unfortunately with the help of the media.

Fourth, an older but still unfortunately perfectly pertinent piece from the Starship Reckless blog about women and non-whites being seen as furniture:

And fifth, John Scalzi wrote a very moving piece about privilege, called “Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today.” If you don’t click on any other of the links here, please click on this one, and pass it around:

And finally, not a link but a bit of good news. A couple of weeks ago, SFF author Diana Wynne Jones reported in that she is doing better, that some of her cancer tumors are miraculously shrinking and that her doctors are stumped but thrilled. We’re crossing our fingers for you to make a full recovery, Diana! (Hey, it worked with the Chilean miners.)

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Time for More OK Go!

This week’s video is from the band’s new album this year, Of the Blue Color of the Sky for the song track End Love, which is a good, very OK Go song. But you probably won’t be paying too much attention to the song because you will be laughing. I don’t think there’s much more I can say, except that I love you, OK Go guys, because you are weird. And because you like geese.

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Humor Detecting

Much going on at the moment in the world of the Internet and in my world too, so in the meantime, some humor. The Guy From Nickelback: Private Eye:

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Movie Trailers For Avoiding Housecleaning

First up, horror movie Heartless (cause it’s Halloween month!) Nice blend of grossness and fantasy here, seems like:

Next, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway remake Love Story and Sweet November, with a dash of Viagra in Love and Other Drugs:

A very interesting cast restages Shakespeare’s The Tempest with Helen Mirren playing Prospero, the sorcerer:

Russell Crowe gets his concerned husband thing on when his fictional wife is arrested for murder in The Next Three Days:

And finally, a movie that certainly fits the definition of epic in which WWII military prisoners in Siberia escape and cross through every environmental disaster situation Hollywood ever dreamed up to make it free or back home or to found a new country or whatever it is they are doing, in The Way Back:


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It Gets Better

I’m not gay, but I grew up in a dangerous home. I was picked on in elementary school. I was a bookish, quiet kid.

It gets better. You find people, you find your life.  Sometimes the people you find betray you, and life gets hard. But you go on and you hold on to love and hope and it gets better. You can’t write the ending because there is so much that you may see in life that you will not know, cannot know, until you live it.

Like the end of gay-bashing. Of gay teen suicides. Of kids getting beaten up, or raped or killed for being different. Of unconstitutional discrimination and people being deprived of equal law, of freedom of religion, of freedom to live their lives without being threatened by their neighbors. It’s getting better. It will get better.

And Joel Burns is a truly brave man:

Please support the Trevor Project:

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Video of the Day

After my exasperation posting about Katy Perry’s MTV-ing of a Sesame Street skit, here’s an example of how the show does it right. And as luck would have it, it illustrates the advertising brilliance of Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa. Now we just have to get Grover and Isaiah together.

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Quote of the Day


“A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.’ ” — Douglas Adams

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Go Chilean Miners!

Here’s hoping you all get to the top of the shaft, safe and as sane as you can be after two months under ground. Good luck to you all and to your families!

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