Mad Hatter Award

Just the one today (thank goodness) for Amanda Tapping, star and executive producer of the sci-fi show Sanctuary talking about her show for the DVD:

“When I read it I didn’t actually think of it as sci-fi, I thought of it more as a graphic novel kind of feel to it. But I think the parameters of sci-fi have been so blown open, you know, we’re not just in space any more. It’s anything that defies imagination or steps outside and forces you to think about things that maybe aren’t real, fits within that outside-the-box thinking.”

Notice that she postulates that science fiction and sci-fi have changed and therefore her show may indeed actually be sci-fi, instead of, oh I don’t know, realizing that her belief that science fiction is only about stories in space was ridiculously wrong in the first place.  Tapping isn’t the only one who has tried to state this as the “traditional” definition of science fiction (see Margaret Atwood,) and clearly this is the result of these people being fed wrong-headed thinking that they never questioned. But Tapping has been around sci-fi for fifteen years. She guested on Forever Knight, Goosebumps, The X Files, Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues, The Outer Limits, appeared in the movies The Haunting of Lisa, Life or Something Like It, and Earthsea, and struck it big on the Stargate t.v. series and now with her own baby Sanctuary. She’s gone to conventions and comicons, she’s been talking to “geeks” for years. She should know something about science fiction, fantasy and sci-fi, written and visual, by this point. For her to say that it used to be about space squids and now is not is, well, sad. That she needs to make her show seem part of a distinct new movement as a marketing strategy indicates that Hollywood doesn’t understand its massively wide audience any better than it did before, even as it attempts to cater to them.

But yes, Amanda, there is a audio-visual genre of sci-fi and yes, your show is in it. Congratulations! Have some jam.


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