It Gets Better

I’m not gay, but I grew up in a dangerous home. I was picked on in elementary school. I was a bookish, quiet kid.

It gets better. You find people, you find your life.  Sometimes the people you find betray you, and life gets hard. But you go on and you hold on to love and hope and it gets better. You can’t write the ending because there is so much that you may see in life that you will not know, cannot know, until you live it.

Like the end of gay-bashing. Of gay teen suicides. Of kids getting beaten up, or raped or killed for being different. Of unconstitutional discrimination and people being deprived of equal law, of freedom of religion, of freedom to live their lives without being threatened by their neighbors. It’s getting better. It will get better.

And Joel Burns is a truly brave man:

Please support the Trevor Project:

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