Our Country

The following picture is U.S. President Obama at a U.S. military base in South Korea during his swing trip through Asia, the one that the U.S. media is steadfastly ignoring, (except for the propaganda arms making up stories like that the trip was costing more per day than the Afghanistan war and then mumbling when they got slammed for the lie that someone — who knows who — must have exaggerated and that they are physically incapable of picking up a phone to ever check factually anything they say on the air. ) The photo is from someone on Image Shack (couldn’t get a name but the photo appears to have been put up for Net distribution):


If you look in this picture, you’ll see our soldiers — white, black, Asian, Latino, Arab, men, women, younger, older. This is what our military looks like. This is what our country looks like. This is our present and our future. And as much as the wrecking balls would like to sweep that all away, they won’t be able to do it. Real America is much stronger than that.




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