Interesting Writings for My Kid’s Sick Day

First up, The Black Static blog takes a look at women authors in horror anthologies, as well as their own publication:

Next up, best-selling author John Scalzi had an excellent essay about the carping about the National Novel Writing Month event in November:

And Scalzi has also weighed in with several entries about the James Frey book packaging debacle (just search through the blog, there’s like four of them):

YA author Maureen Johnson also did a great piece on James Frey on her blog:

On a far more positive subject, The Daily Titan did a terrific if too short interview with alums legendary SFF authors Tim Powers, James Blaylock and K.W. Jeter, the guy who brought the term steampunk to the field:

And at Haikasoru, they are getting ready to launch their edition of Japanese SF novel The Ouroboros Wave with a reprinted essay about old and new Japanese SF:


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