The Results

Well it didn’t work, but it was still interesting.

In my previous entry, I explained how my stats had shot up thanks to the Victoria’s Secrets fashion show aired on t.v.  (see I Should Be Offended By This below,) and so I put up another photo of a VS model to see what would happen. I wanted to see if I could turn my 5 fold increase into an 8 fold increase. This did not occur. Instead the view stats dropped down to only 2 fold, double, of my usual viewing average. That’s still an increase of course, and most of those views were indeed due to Victoria’s Secrets photo searches, according to Word Press’ thingamabobbies that count things. But it shows you that these things are clearly time sensitive and that if you want to increase your view count by putting up pictures of scantily clad women (I should point out that this was not my original intent the first time I used a photo of a Victoria’s Secret model,) you have to tie it to particular events and then only get a short term effect of mostly advertising spambots. Which can be fun in its own way. This may also help my friend, author and artist Cynthia Radthorne. (Go check out her blog and art at the link on the side.)

Just me doing my lack of knowledge Internet games. I think it’s more fun than Farmville.




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3 responses to “The Results

  1. I use Google Analytics to track what’s happening on my site, but so far I have yet to see any tangible correlation between something that I do (convention appearance, book release, what have you) and a change in traffic patterns. Sometimes they jump up, other times they drop, but they seem to follow their own pattern in doing so.

  2. ‘Course, some of my art has a scantily-clad lady or two, and maybe that helps… :o)

    • Back to normal today too, so very short term effect. I think the key is to write about whatever people on the Net are very focused on at the time, and therefore the spam search functions are too. And thus, get ready for my 8 part series on Justin Bieber, starting with Part 1, The Changing Voice.

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