Lazy Teenage Superheroes — A Really Cool Thing the Internet Made For Me

For the stated budget of just $300, special effects artist Michael Ashton wrote with Adam Royster and directed the live action digital short Lazy Teenage Superheroes. The story is about three young former superheroes who now chill with slacking and drinking and have moved into a warehouse space with their non-powered but brave mascot buddy, Ty, dealing with the occasional annoying revenge visit from supervillains. The visual effects are great. The cast, who obviously worked for free beer, is a group of new guys who are already better than half the young actors visited upon us in t.v. and film, and oddly enough the daughter of Kevin Costner, Annie Costner. Here’s hoping her dad or J.J. Abrams, or Seth Green or somebody starts hiring these actors or gets Michael Ashton to work on one of the many up-coming superhero movies. Or better yet, turn Lazy Teenage Superheroes into a movie, t.v. series or Web series.  We would be happy to have some more. (Thanks to SFSignal who got it from Blastr.)

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Filed under Humor, Movies/TV, SFFH

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