More Things that the Internet Made For Me While I’m Freezing

A bunch of young, remarkably silly actors in Chicago, StarKid Productions,  including Darren Criss, currently on the t.v. show Glee, put together a satirical play, A Very Potter Musical, about the story of Harry Potter. (Criss plays Potter and wrote some of the songs.) They then concocted the even sillier A Very Potter Sequel. The live performance of these musicals are up on YouTube for all to see, but here’s a bit I particularly like from A Very Potter Musical in which Voldemort, played beautifully by Joe Walker, celebrates his return with tap dancing:

StarKids are doing a new SF musical called Starship. Worth checking out, especially if you are in Chicago and can catch them live.  (Again, really good young actors, Hollywood, please pay attention.)

Next, via SF Signal, Julian Smith is a YouTube video creator and he brings the scary punk aspect to literature in his very catchy song, I’m Reading A Book:

Third, awhile back I put up a comic YouTube music video called Shed a Tear from Kevin Wu and Ryan Higa. Now Higa, with the help of David Choi and J.R. Aquino, have another music video that is almost equally silly, called I’m Hardcore :

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