Puzzlements and Poetry in Spam Advertising

More fun spam comments:

For a Aliens in Pretty Dresses post in which Victoria’s Secret is mentioned re pictures of extraordinarily skinny models, etc., Victoria’s Secret Coupon Codes had this to say:

Greetings : )
You are shopping on-line or in-store? which would you go for? really wondering lol.. i love in-store just because i hate expecting it to come!

Kind of missing the point there, Mia.

For the post about beer drinking beer workers in Europe, this comment from a German site:

Appeal Roof,support rise circle enterprise source sexual sell meal aim station accompany share railway session summer fill sum below entry will paper interested age suppose figure somebody like generate deny role item yes concept fail leading notice assembly listen acquire charge arrangement push neck ring deal theatre observe yeah whole department pain myself strange sell husband couple test alone water develop either suggestion above particularly communication incident previous large apart fund come video join less sample on student ticket excellent species goal due discover name withdraw scheme like contribution provision generally his leadership

Okay, this is some kind of German spy code, isn’t it? Anyone who can figure out the secret message, let me know.

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