Adventures in Blogging

So I’ve had a blog now for about a year. It was, thanks to WordPress, quite easy to set up, though I did run into a few tech hiccups now and again. I also suspect I’m not making use of many of the features available to me, but that’s okay. For me, this blog was a chance to communicate and participate in the Internet in a way different from what I’d done before, a way to provide family and friends with silly videos and interesting articles without clogging up their email accounts, and to figure out exactly what it is I wanted to say.

One of the things I figured out was that, though this is not meant to be a political or social commentary blog, some of that was going to sneak in from time to time because none of us live in a vacuum. And because I am talky. Another thing I learned was that Victoria’s Secret is very powerful. A third thing I learned was that trying to keep up with what’s being released in the SFFH field, much less books in general, is difficult. (There are many great books. Go find them. Let me know what you find.)  I learned that there will be periods where I don’t blog. I learned that blogs are a lot more interconnected than I had thought. I learned that young boys could sound remarkably like cats. I learned that putting your thoughts together can be a little more difficult to work in than putting up videos about hula hoops.

In other words, I probably didn’t learn very much. But I do like having this space with which to experiment and collect odds and ends. And so I will keep blogging and expanding my knowledge of the blogging universe. (But no Twitter.) This is looking like it might be a very interesting year. Let’s see if I can make it a more interesting blog, when I get the chance.

But in the meantime, more silly videos, because things piled up while I was busy:

First off, the old crew at Whose Line Is It Anyway? American version tackled Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a sketch. Don’t know how I missed this the first time they ran it, but it’s still funny. I miss that show.

Next, thanks to John Scalzi’s blog, a brief example of what college boys do with their time after they’ve recovered from alcohol poisoning:

From the cut-ups at Team Unicorn, this ad for a new online dating service, Superharmony:

More to come later.








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