Interesting Writings for a World Gone Mad with Tiger Blood

Regarding the long running conversation about women-written fiction, Percival Everett has some astute observations for Vida:

And then there’s this interesting piece on how women are portrayed in fiction and society:

And this article by Dr. Yvonne Fulbright debunking various myths about differences between male and female communication, which relates to the rather flimsy arguments about how women writers supposedly always write:

And no, not all the articles are about women studies issues. This one, from Slate, by Christopher Beam, is about our increased fears even as crime rates fall drastically:

Next, an interesting article about interesting things happening in the e-book market that again points out that during the big Macmillan-Amazon brouhaha, they really were just negotiating and neither company is or considered the other to be evil. So Kindle customers can just please relax:

And another book industry article on the wholesale market. For awhile now, I’ve been keeping an eye out on books showing up in non-bookstore locales and have noticed an increase in at least smaller stores of various kinds like computer and music stores carrying books as well. This article from the New York Times looks at some of what’s going on:

Lastly, not an article at all, but something that will instead pleasantly waste huge amounts of your time: actor, comic, writer, all round good guy Kevin Pollak has a Web chat show where he interviews various other actors and performers for an hour or two, with the help of some friends. For the Firefly contingent, check out his episode with Nathan Fillion. There’s also a podcast of the show, which might be more efficient:

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