Wonder Woman Gets Her Look

Last year, I did a piece about how DC Comics had re-vamped female superhero extraordinaire Wonder Woman‘s costume, how the film people trying to make a Wonder Woman movie had worries about the old costume and so might use the new one, and how both costumes were impractical for superheroes:


Since then, the Wonder Woman movie got nixed and the heroine got relegated back to television where David Kelly attempted to sell a new show about her, failed, then succeeded (leading us to wonder if Wonder Woman’s alter ego cover identity would be as a lawyer spending lots of time in a courtroom.) Actress Adrianne Palicki, previously from Friday Night Lights, was cast as the new Wonder Woman, and so the big first question was, how were they going to handle the costume in 2011. They went with the new one from the comics, right? Wrong! They combined the old traditional leotard costume with the new revamped Laura Croft style one in the comics. Behold:

It’s not horrible. There may be some screams from purists about turning the traditional red boots blue. And it’s still delightfully impractical. I said that the original costume was like a bathing suit with boots, the new comics one was like pajamas. This one: female pro wrestling! Which will be an interesting combination with David Kelly’s wordy dialogue. I don’t envy Palicki trying to go to the bathroom in those pants. But I’m giving it a thumbs up. At least it’s not generic and an Amazon princess should never be generic.





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