A Motley of Videos

The folks at Funny Or Die come up with some fun videos, but this one is a doozy with an all star cast and a poke at thirty years of film:

The governor of Maine, Paul LePage, who, like a number of far right Republican governors currently in office, has gone insane, decided that a mural depicting the history of labor in the government Dept. of Labor offices was not pro-business enough. It did not, for instance, depict bosses standing in shiny glory while politicians bowed down to them and bent over, exhausted workers fed them grapes, and so it had to go to show off far right power.  So some enterprising students in peaceful protest put the mural back up on the government building their taxes paid for, at least for a little bit. Here’s their adventure:

Britain’s Got Talent has consistently produced some amazing and weird talents. This one, Edward Reid, a music teacher from Glasgow, Scotland, shows the truth of the old Survivor song: It’s the Singer, Not the Song — something that the singers on all these competition songs need to face — a good singer can turn any song into a performance. (Unfortunately, it’s one of those embedded, double click videos, but worth the extra click.):

The Far Eastern Movement hit Like a G6 seems to be the favorite when it comes to autotune spoofs. I earlier showed the song being adapted for Harry Potter, in Like It’s Quidditch:

And now comes an even more hilarious music video parody based on D&D playing, from Connor Anderson, called Roll a D6:

Wedding videos are getting more and more elaborate, and this couple, both of whom work for NBC, decided to go all out and make a fake music video to the Black Eyed Peas’ sample song The Time (Dirty Bit) that is now going viral. It’s nice to see normal people being silly. Congratulations Emre and Joya!

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