Improv Everywhere

Because videos are easier right now than entries of substance (although which Doctor Who actor is the snappiest dresser? Discuss.) here’s a bundle of relatively recent ones from Improv Everywhere, one of my favorite groups. (Although perhaps one should call it a movement, rather than a simple group as they are, indeed, everywhere.) They didn’t necessarily invent flashmobs, but let’s just say they laid down the blueprint for what now goes on. And because of that, people are now so used to strange things suddenly occurring among them, that they just laugh and take pictures with the cameras in their phones.

To celebrate the restoration of a portrait of King Phillip IV of Spain, the actual King Phillip showed up at the museum to stand next to his centuries old portrait and sign autographs, much to the delight of the visitors, until they got kicked out because the museum didn’t recognize a goldmine when it was handed to them:

At a public ice skating rink that cooperated with the troupe, a seemingly hopeless ice skater can’t get off the ice for the zamboni machine to resurface the rink, but gradually becomes a creature of art to the audience’s delight:

At the Gel Conference on technology, the audience in the lecture hall thought they were hearing about a new social media site. Instead, they got something even better — a musical number, “Gotta Share”:

You can find even more Improv Everywhere stunts, including the famous pantsless subway rides, at the Improv Everywhere channel:


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