Videos of Extreme Silliness

1) To celebrate a reception for youth in performing arts programs, the Queen and Buckingham Palace hired a bunch of college dance students to do a flash mob performance in front of Buckingham Palace. I just like the fact that they are dancing in front of a palace. We don’t get that a lot in North America except when it’s Disneyland:

2) When their flight was delayed, some very bored guys decided to entertain themselves with performance art in the airport, which was caught on camera:

3) Yes, it’s wonderful that Green Lantern is getting his very own superhero movie, but the reality is that superheroes can be cruel:

4) We love you old man:

5) It’s nice to know that the next generation will take good care of the world. Don’t hate them just because they are awesome:

6) And just when you may be feeling blue in the world, remember that there are otters:

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