Interesting Writings — They Pile Up!

Writing and Books:

IO9 looks at how fantasy fiction dispatches people:!5794991/the-most-gruesome-fates-in-fantasy

Fantasy author Jim C. Hines sometimes graces us with comic cartoons, this one on the real truth of screaming over self-publishing:

Interesting thoughts on the publication process:

A reminder that the truth of human beings is complicated:

A. Lee Martinez speaks sagely about our problems with the Slightly Other in SFFH:

News from the e-book front:


Life or Something Like It:

The Onion provides commentary on the greatest show of all:,20492/

A look at one of the reasons we’re in such a mess:

Another look at how our expectations of gender do not match reality:

A look at another reason we’re in this mess: – low teacher salaries

A look at un-whitewashed history of some very brave people:

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