Extremely Enthusiast Videos

Nerd Machine has drafted major stars to make important PSA’s:

Kaley Cuoco helps the costume stumped:

Zachary Levi gives an important reminder when dealing with the living challenged:

And Nathan Fillion confronts an important gaming problem:

And speaking of problems, Harrison Ford, on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his film Cowboys & Aliens ran into one from his past:

If you have any association with grad school at all, you’ll find this funny:

And lastly, in their continual quest to top themselves in music videos, band OK Go, to celebrate their new live album 180/365, which itself celebrates their having done 180 concerts in a year, have teamed up with director Trish Sie and dance troupe Pilobolus to essentially do a pretty impressive impression of a kaleidoscope. If you have Google Chrome, you can watch an interactive version and other goodies:



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